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Friday, September 26, 2008

lifez n puzzles

Life is like a puzzles dat need to be complete wif every pieces of it.. find ur pieces n combine it to make ur life meaningful, but ironically, completed puzzles is too perfect n life is not easy as you might see.. when u lost even one of d pieces, u'll learn to appreciate life n bersyukur la atas nikmat yg di beri - Nya..hence help u to become a better person.. n mine, still need hundreads pieces of puzzles to solve.. i already lost few of it n just maybe some of the pieces,i lost it forever.. but it gives me courage to find it back r.. eventually, as my life goes by, i'll completed my puzzles of life.. n urs? lu pikir la sendiri.. huhu. ~istiqamah n trust ur guts in finding ur pieces~..

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