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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pembuka Tirai 2009! FREE PALESTINIAN!

it's been a long since d last time i updated my blog.. smpi lupe dah ade blog.. hoho.. dah tahun 3 sem II dah.. tp skill OT cetek lg.. mm, camne la nak jd great therapist~ xpe la, ikut je flow.. huhu.. talkin bout opening of '09, it's a bit overwhelmin for palestinian ~ n i strongly felt pity n sad 4 them.. we shud absolutely condem d zionis 4 wat they did ~ hell u israel!.. they killed thosand of innocent people in Gaza like crazy, regardless d children n d mother.. women. i bet d world knew dat in a war d ladies n children r MUST NOT be killed.. but they did it anyway, like d life of palestinian has no value at all.. it's hard for me to even read n see their misery in newspaper ~ feel like cryin..

but anyway, we can't do anythin if we dun start takin action.. we can see now, people from all over d country they start to act by doing d demostration to show their concern bout people in Gaza.. it's one of d way to show them WE DO CARE! d least we can is boycot their merchandise.. by doin dis we can disturb their economy n lastly do pray for them~there still some hope 4 them. May Allah bless them!

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