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Friday, September 26, 2008

lifez n puzzles

Life is like a puzzles dat need to be complete wif every pieces of it.. find ur pieces n combine it to make ur life meaningful, but ironically, completed puzzles is too perfect n life is not easy as you might see.. when u lost even one of d pieces, u'll learn to appreciate life n bersyukur la atas nikmat yg di beri - Nya..hence help u to become a better person.. n mine, still need hundreads pieces of puzzles to solve.. i already lost few of it n just maybe some of the pieces,i lost it forever.. but it gives me courage to find it back r.. eventually, as my life goes by, i'll completed my puzzles of life.. n urs? lu pikir la sendiri.. huhu. ~istiqamah n trust ur guts in finding ur pieces~..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Goodbye, selamat tinggal, sayonara~

it's hard to say goodbye, so.. it's better to say ~till we meet again~, at least there's a hope

only in a few days, d Ramadhan gonna leave us wif memories or good deeds of our own.. or we just let d Ramadhan flew just like dat without giving effort to do somthing good.. it depend on how we celebrate it.~ i hope i've done it well or... at least ok~ Ramadhan kali nie, cam x terase.. tuptup.. it's goin to leave me.. pretty sad i guess~can't wait till d next one~ bile lah dpt merasa puasa kat Makkah~i'm goin to put dis in my wishin list~huhu.. hopefully one day i can go there be4 i leave dis world. dis is d lyric from my fav song.. HaraPan RamaDhan

Ku mengharapkan Ramadhan
Kali ini penuh makna
Agar dapat kulalui
Dengan sempurna
Selangkah demi selangkah
Setahun sudah pun berlalu
Masa yang pantas berlalu
Hingga tak terasa ku berada
Di bulan Ramadhan semula
Puasa satu amalan
Sebagaimana yang diperintahNya
Moga dapat ku lenturkan
Nafsu yang selalu membelenggu diri
Tiada henti-henti
Tak ingin ku biarkan Ramadhan berlalu saja
Tuhan pimpinlah daku yang lemah
Mengharungi segalanya dengan sabar
Kita memohon pada Tuhan diberikan kekuatan
Ku merayu pada Tuhan diterima amalan
Selangkah demi selangkah...
Dengan rahmatMu oh Tuhanku...
Ku tempuh jua

p/s: pohon seribu kemaafan pada semua.. do enjoy ur last few days of Ramadhan.. appreciate it.


while i'm waitin for isya' to come n Aini get ready... i wanna show a pic of married couple dat touch my heart very much.. it's so sweet n pure.. huhu. dis is luv is supposed to be.

i grabbed dis pic from one of my x-lecturemate in matrix.. thanx ya.. i'm fallin for dis pic since d first time i saw it~

Friday, September 19, 2008

month of blessing Part II

it's been a while since d last august, i didn't update my blog.. been very busy wif posting at HUKM, 2 weeks in psych day care ~great xperience~ and another 2 weeks after raye for neuro/medical OT in OT rehab department. for the opening, i wanna continue bout 8 other lesson dat we can learn from Ramadhan.. here it goes..

  • Lesson 4: Striving for ihsan (righteousness & sincerity) and staying away from riyaa’ (showing off) Ihsan means to worship Allah as if one sees Him, for if one does not see Him, He sees all. Hasan al-basri said,"By Allah in the last twenty years, I have not said a word or taken something with my hand or refrained to take something with my hand or stepped forward or stepped back, except that I have thought before I have done any action,'Does Allah love this action ? Is Allah pleased with this action ?' " So when one is fasting, one should gain this quality of watching oneself and also staying away from riyah (showing off). That is why Allah said in a qudsi hadith, "..Fasting is for Me and I will reward it.." (Bukhari) Allah singles out fasting from all other types of worship saying, "..Fasting is for Me..", because no one knows whether you are fasting or not, except Allah. For example, when one is praying or giving charity or making tawwaf, one can be seen by the people, so one might do the action seeking the praise of the people. Sufian at-thawri used to spend the nights and the days crying and the people used to ask him, "Why do you cry, is it due to the fear of Allah ?", he said,'No.', they said,"Is it due to the fear of the hell-fire ?", he said, 'No. It is not the fear of Allah that makes me cry, what makes me cry is that I have been worshipping Allah all these years and doing scholarly teaching, but I am not certain that my intentions are purely for Allah.'
  • Lesson 5: Refinement of manners, especially those related to truthfulness and discharging trusts. The Prophet (may Allah send His blessing and peace upon him) said,"Whoever does not abandon falsehood in word and action, then Allah, the Mighty and the Majestic has no need that he should leave his food and drink." (Bukhari) And the Prophet (may Allah send His blessing and peace upon him) said,"It may be that a fasting person attains nothing but hunger and thirst from his fast." (Ibn Majah) What we learn from this, is that we must pay attention to the purification of our manners. The Prophet (may Allah send His blessing and peace upon him) said,"I was sent to perfect good manners." (Muwatta) So we must check ourselves, are we following the behaviour of the Prophet (may Allah send His blessing and peace upon him). For example, Do we give salam to those we don't know and those we do know? Do we follow the manners of Islam, by telling the truth and only telling the truth? Are we merciful to the creation?
  • Lesson 6: Recognising that one can change for the better The Prophet (may Allah send His blessing and peace upon him) said,"Every son of Adam sins and the best of the sinners are those who repent." (Ibn Majah) Allah provides many opportunities to repent to Him and seek His forgiveness. If one was disobedient they can become obedient.
  • Lesson 7: Being more charitable Ibn Abbas said,"The Prophet (may Allah send His blessing and peace upon him) was the most charitable amongst the people, and he used to be more so in the month of Ramadan when Gibreel used to meet him on every night of Ramadan till the end of the month. The Prophet (may Allah send His blessing and peace upon him) used to recite the Holy Qur'an to Gibreel." (Bukhari) The Prophet (may Allah send His blessing and peace upon him) said, "He who gives food for a fasting person to break his fast, he will receive the same reward as him, without nothing being reduced from the fasting person's reward." (Tirmidhi )
  • Lesson 8: Sensing the unity of the Muslims The Prophet (may Allah send His blessing and peace upon him) said, "...Those of you who will live after me, will see many differences. Then you must cling on to my Sunnah and the Sunnah of the rightly guided khalifah. Hold fast to it and stick to it.." (Abu Dawud) It is possible for Muslims to be a single body, but this will only be achieved when obedience is only to Allah and His Messenger. One senses unity, because the Muslims pray and fast together.
  • Lesson 9: Learning discipline The Prophet (may Allah send His blessing and peace upon him) said, "Bilal makes the adhan, while it is still night; therefore, eat and drink until Ibn Umm Maktum makes the adhan." (Bukhari) The Prophet (may Allah send His blessing and peace upon him) made us adhere to this strictness. Similarly one cannot knowingly break the fast before the sunset, as this will not be accepted by Allah. Muslims should learn to be very strict in their lives, because they are people of an important message, which they mould their lives around.
  • Lesson 10: Teaching the young to worship Allah It was the practice of the people of Madinah, that during the fast of Ashura (which is now a recommended fast of one day) to get their children to fast with them. When the children would cry of hunger and thirst, their parents would distract their attention by giving them some sort of toy to play with. The children would break their fast with their parents. (mentioned in Bukhari) So the young should be brought to the masjid and they should pray with their parents, so that they are able to get into the habit of becoming worshippers of Allah. If one does not encourage children to fast when they are young, they will find it very difficult to fast for thirty days at the age of puberty. This is why the Prophet (may Allah send His blessing and peace upon him) said, "Command your children to pray at the age of seven and beat them at the age of ten (if they do not pray)" (Hakim)
  • Lesson 11: Caring for one's health Fasting teaches Muslims to take care of their health and to build strong bodies. The Prophet (may Allah send his blessing and peace upon him) said,"A strong believer is better and is more beloved to Allah than a weak believer, and there is good in everyone." (Muslim)

hope it'll give benefits to d readers!.. xoxo

Sunday, August 31, 2008

my heart wil go on..

From my beloved frens Liana (she's very talented in poetry, yay! yo go gurl)... wanna share wif other:

Maryam sayang...

"...sememangnya hati suke menyimpan,

lumrah hati untuk mentafsir,

namun lumrah hati sukar difahami,

gunakan lisan sebagai penghubung hati,

supaya terungkap segala tersirat di hati,

buat insan yang sentiasa bersemi d hati"

Semoga Allah temukan Jodoh ku dengan insan yg benar2 ikhlas menerima diriku.. insan yg akan ku gelar suami.. amin.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Welcome Ramadhan.. d month of blessing!

"Ya Allah, sesungguhnya bulan Ramadhan telah tiba. Wahai Tuhan Pemilik bulan Ramadhan. Engkau telah menurunkan al-Quran di dalamnya, dan telah menjadikannya sebagai penjelas atas petunjuk dan pembeda antara yang haq dan yang batil. Wahai Tuhan kami, berkatilah kami di dalamnya dan bantulah kami dalam menunaikan puasa serta shalat di dalamnya. Terimalah amal-amal kami di dalamnya."

In just 2 days, we gonna give a warm welcome to Ramadhan..a month in seeking d Nur n Hidayah (actually everyday one can do dis, but during ramadhan d feel is bits diff especially d nite of Lailatul Qada~still waitin for it) from the One, Allah s.w.t. this is a very food opportunities for us to devote our self to d Creator coz dis is indeed a blessing month. Opss.. not forgetting to wish hepi 51st bufday to Malaysia, yay.. 'Merdeka!'. but im more excited in celebrating Ramadhan rather than independent day. if d day after tomorrow is exact day for fasting, it means tomorw nite tarawih is gonna be started.. ~good memories bout tarawih came into my mind~huhu.. (cannot story la).. ok, enough talkin nonsense, let's talk bout Ramadhan..

To make d month differ from other, one should change their behaviour, atitude n outlook especially due to d rules n regulation that need to be follow in order to gain an affective fasting. thus, it can help us in improving our self n hopefully we can be a better person. Ramadhan is a good teacher in self reflection (as i stated earlier in my blog, i wanna improve myself). here r some of d lesson dat i googles from jannah.org dat can be shared to my readers:
  • Lesson 1: Gaining taqwa (fear of Allah) Allah legislated fasting for gaining taqwa, "O you who believe fasting has been prescribed upon you as it has been prescribed upon those before you, so that you may attain taqwa." (meaning of Sooratul Baqarah (2):138) Tawqa in this case means, to make a shield between oneself and Allah's anger and hellfire. So we should ask ourselves, when we break our fasts, 'Has this fasting day made us fear Allah more ? Has it resulted that we want to protect ourselves from the hellfire ?'
  • Lesson 2: Drawing us closer to Allah This is achieved by reciting and reflecting on Al-Qur'an during the night and the day, attending the taraweh prayers, remembering Allah, sitting in circles of knowledge and for those who can, making umrah. The Prophet (may Allah send His blessing and peace upon him) said,"An umrah in the month of Ramadan is equal (in reward) to performing a hajj." (Ahmad & Ibn Majah). Also for those who can, making itikaf (seclusion) in the last ten days of Ramadan, so to leave all worldly pursuits and seclude oneself in a masjid just thinking of Allah, this brings us closer to Allah. When one sins, one feels distant from Allah. That is why one might find it hard to read and reflect on the Qur'an and come to the masjid. However, the obedient worshipper feels closer to Allah and wants to worship Allah more, because Allah forgives and is merciful.
  • Lesson 3: Acquiring patience and strong will Allah has mentioned patience more than seventy times in the Qur'an and has commanded patience in more than sixteen ways in His Book. So when one fasts, and gives up one's food and drink, and one's marital sexual relations for those hours, one learns restraint and patience. This ummah needs men and women that are strong willed, who can stand upon the Sunnah and the Book of Allah and not waver in front of the enemies of Allah. We do not need emotional people, who raise slogans and shout, but when the time comes to stand upon something firm, they cannot do so, they waver.
to be continued... 11 lesson need to be learn!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

i need a Break!

i'm still workin on my assgmen~proposal of retirement village~.. it is the toughest assigment yet i ever received.. i googles bout it for three nite, but my paper is still Blank ~dunno wat to write~
Adoi.. where d heck is my ideas?!.. when i red bout retirement village from d internet, it suprised me dat there's gazzilion of it in other countries but not in Malaysia ~i only heard, cheras got one~ but i'm not sure.

FYI, retirement village is not like an institution for elderly but it more like community setting which is very good for elderly to be independent. it is a preventive treatment approach to improve d quality of life, n decrease d disease and disability in elderly. very excellent way.. i hope dat one day i can booked one ~if i live alone~ huhu

i realised dat why it is hard to start an elderly- enviromental-friendly retirement villages in malaysia.. dat's becoz it needs lots of investments ~no money, no talk~ hoho.. but i belive one day malaysia will have plenty of dis villages to accomodate our elderly. dis retirement village will filled wif facilities n modified goods that suitable for elderly to use without d help of others ~d tru meaning of life, live independently as long as we can~

my lecturer Dr yau or Dr lee (forgoT which one) said once:
if you have a choice, which one wud u pick-

"to put life in years or to put years in life"

My choice definitely wud be to put life in years.. mcm lg nasyid, apa la gune idup 1000 tahun, kl x semayang x bermakne, hoho.. d Quality is more important rather than quantity. If my life is meant to be 30 years only, i would make sure dat it wud be meaningful as a person n as a khalifah Allah. So plz do think bout ur choice.. pick wisely.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

part II: together we stand!

try to learn something bout everythin n everythin bout somethin

pic of me n my course mate
Sambungan dr intro.. nak share ckit la my experinces from d 1st time i stepped into OT ukm till now. At first, i'm very blur2 bout where my my career goin to be end up.. (umi wants me to be a pharmacist but i'm not qualified enough to be one), so i'm just try n error on my UPU application.. n BOOM, here i am, my fifth choice.. hohoho. but now i'm very glad dat i've made my choice, no regret at all. REhab is fun!

OT is all bout restoring, maintaing or adapting a disable people's function in activities of daily living, so that they can perform independently in their max abilities. Rehabilitations r really improves one's quality of life. sometimes people like to take things for granted, most of daily actvts r look very easy, but even when u have a fractured iust at one little finger, it thus cud affects ur lifes. ~during my posting in orthopedic units last sem at hosp klang, i've seen lots of people with minor injury, but yet it affect their daily actvties~ x besh la kan kl suddenly people doing thing for us..

other than orthopedics, OT also include geriatric care, pediatric, neurology, medical n also last but not least psychiatric (takut.. must collect all d strength n knowledge be4 posting, hoho). d main domain of OT r work, play n leisure. These three elements r d basic things of rehab in OT. we want them to be able in doing things that they wanna do instead of things dat we want for them ~no point if they r not interested in d actvity~ clients is our main priority!

greatest OT in d making!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

poem from liana_lily

titisan embun pagi jernih memancar cahaya,

menanti fajar beralih pagi,

embun itu segar kekal d sebalik kelopak2 pengorbanan,

sesekali embun itu jatuh menitis ke bumi,

namun ad kalanya ia tegar hingga hilang menjadi rintik2 ujan yg menjanjijakn pelangi indah,

sesekali pelangi menyepi d sebalik awan,

mengharapkan angin membawa awan pergi,

namun semuanya lebih mudah dan beerti jika kita berdiri d jalan yg suci,

jalan yg diredhai lg d berkati... InsyAllah.

nukilan: Liana_Lily

p/s: semoga kemengan d pihak kami.. d world need a change.

IntRo: together we stand!

pic taken during family gathering at Tebing Tinggi. Very syok woo, x puas sngt jumpe d whole families of tok ki awang n tok Midah.. 1st time, wat family gathering.

For intro.. nak story a bits la bout d power of human soul. We should respect someone by their soul n not d look, d color, d condition etc, but sees them as there r, n try to accept them. Mcm tok nenek slalu kate la, don't simply judge a book by it's cover. We can never ever shuted people from talkin bout us, so, just plug ur ears n live life to d max without forgetting our Creator, ALLAH.

Taking an Occupational Therapy (OT) programme have opened up my eyes, heart n soul. It is like a wake up call for me dat a person should be respected by their soul. Lots of disable people have been treated improperly. Believe me, dis is tru, me n my other coursemate had been menyamar as an OKU (assigmen for communication subject) n i can see some of d people still treated them badly, but there is still some people who really have a pure heart.. ( taxi driver don't want to take our money) ~ we feel very ashamed becoz lying to him.. huhu. my other fren was being sindir by one of d citizen saying dat "kl dah x nley jln tue, duk je la umah.. xyah sesusahkan orang"... kurang ajar kan, dahla xnak tolon.. pastue ley plak sarchastic camtue..

But it's good to menyamar as OKU coz we can know how their feelin's n it makes us be more aware bout others. but i still have lots to be improve as i'm still in process in reconstruct myself.. haha, muhasabah diri la kirenye.. still have lots to be learn. ~self reflection~. I know lots of people didn't know bout OTs Role, so i'm here to promote my career.. haha. We help people to help themselves :). i'm in my 3rd year takin OT Bsc (hons) in UKM.. Stil got 1 n 1/2 yeras to go.

to be continued...