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Thursday, August 28, 2008

i need a Break!

i'm still workin on my assgmen~proposal of retirement village~.. it is the toughest assigment yet i ever received.. i googles bout it for three nite, but my paper is still Blank ~dunno wat to write~
Adoi.. where d heck is my ideas?!.. when i red bout retirement village from d internet, it suprised me dat there's gazzilion of it in other countries but not in Malaysia ~i only heard, cheras got one~ but i'm not sure.

FYI, retirement village is not like an institution for elderly but it more like community setting which is very good for elderly to be independent. it is a preventive treatment approach to improve d quality of life, n decrease d disease and disability in elderly. very excellent way.. i hope dat one day i can booked one ~if i live alone~ huhu

i realised dat why it is hard to start an elderly- enviromental-friendly retirement villages in malaysia.. dat's becoz it needs lots of investments ~no money, no talk~ hoho.. but i belive one day malaysia will have plenty of dis villages to accomodate our elderly. dis retirement village will filled wif facilities n modified goods that suitable for elderly to use without d help of others ~d tru meaning of life, live independently as long as we can~

my lecturer Dr yau or Dr lee (forgoT which one) said once:
if you have a choice, which one wud u pick-

"to put life in years or to put years in life"

My choice definitely wud be to put life in years.. mcm lg nasyid, apa la gune idup 1000 tahun, kl x semayang x bermakne, hoho.. d Quality is more important rather than quantity. If my life is meant to be 30 years only, i would make sure dat it wud be meaningful as a person n as a khalifah Allah. So plz do think bout ur choice.. pick wisely.

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