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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

part II: together we stand!

try to learn something bout everythin n everythin bout somethin

pic of me n my course mate
Sambungan dr intro.. nak share ckit la my experinces from d 1st time i stepped into OT ukm till now. At first, i'm very blur2 bout where my my career goin to be end up.. (umi wants me to be a pharmacist but i'm not qualified enough to be one), so i'm just try n error on my UPU application.. n BOOM, here i am, my fifth choice.. hohoho. but now i'm very glad dat i've made my choice, no regret at all. REhab is fun!

OT is all bout restoring, maintaing or adapting a disable people's function in activities of daily living, so that they can perform independently in their max abilities. Rehabilitations r really improves one's quality of life. sometimes people like to take things for granted, most of daily actvts r look very easy, but even when u have a fractured iust at one little finger, it thus cud affects ur lifes. ~during my posting in orthopedic units last sem at hosp klang, i've seen lots of people with minor injury, but yet it affect their daily actvties~ x besh la kan kl suddenly people doing thing for us..

other than orthopedics, OT also include geriatric care, pediatric, neurology, medical n also last but not least psychiatric (takut.. must collect all d strength n knowledge be4 posting, hoho). d main domain of OT r work, play n leisure. These three elements r d basic things of rehab in OT. we want them to be able in doing things that they wanna do instead of things dat we want for them ~no point if they r not interested in d actvity~ clients is our main priority!

greatest OT in d making!

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