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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

IntRo: together we stand!

pic taken during family gathering at Tebing Tinggi. Very syok woo, x puas sngt jumpe d whole families of tok ki awang n tok Midah.. 1st time, wat family gathering.

For intro.. nak story a bits la bout d power of human soul. We should respect someone by their soul n not d look, d color, d condition etc, but sees them as there r, n try to accept them. Mcm tok nenek slalu kate la, don't simply judge a book by it's cover. We can never ever shuted people from talkin bout us, so, just plug ur ears n live life to d max without forgetting our Creator, ALLAH.

Taking an Occupational Therapy (OT) programme have opened up my eyes, heart n soul. It is like a wake up call for me dat a person should be respected by their soul. Lots of disable people have been treated improperly. Believe me, dis is tru, me n my other coursemate had been menyamar as an OKU (assigmen for communication subject) n i can see some of d people still treated them badly, but there is still some people who really have a pure heart.. ( taxi driver don't want to take our money) ~ we feel very ashamed becoz lying to him.. huhu. my other fren was being sindir by one of d citizen saying dat "kl dah x nley jln tue, duk je la umah.. xyah sesusahkan orang"... kurang ajar kan, dahla xnak tolon.. pastue ley plak sarchastic camtue..

But it's good to menyamar as OKU coz we can know how their feelin's n it makes us be more aware bout others. but i still have lots to be improve as i'm still in process in reconstruct myself.. haha, muhasabah diri la kirenye.. still have lots to be learn. ~self reflection~. I know lots of people didn't know bout OTs Role, so i'm here to promote my career.. haha. We help people to help themselves :). i'm in my 3rd year takin OT Bsc (hons) in UKM.. Stil got 1 n 1/2 yeras to go.

to be continued...

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