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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

new face

salam my dearest readers,

making decision is part of our life.. so don't be afraid to make ones as long as it is our own choice, rather than other people asked u for it... it's ok to make a mistake, so that u can learn from it

Today i made a few changes in my blog, thanx to amal sweetie who guided me tru n d result is super fantastic.. huhu~ angkat bakul la plak, boring tengok yg lame.. sampi xde mood nak update blog.. nway, i'm still enjoyin my CNY holiday n just spent it for sleeping but dis time i'm not in a mood for eating~huhu .. i'm losing my freakin apetite! pretty sad i guess b'coz i realllly enjoy eating.. huhu. during dis last 3 weeks i've been attacked by obnoxious diarrhoea for 3 times ~ waaa.. can't stand ma.. dunno wat's up wif my digestive system.. maybe it's kindda good news for me.. i can loss some weight.. hoho, stop wif d crap.. hoho.. nak cakap bnde lain la.. but waitin for d ideas to come..

to be continued..

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